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Mother Nature’s wrath erected the undead, and, as usual, her timing really screwed a gal over. 

Rose Woods just didn’t know how screwed she was.

She's just found the guys of her dreams, when the plant zombie apocolypse forces Rose and her new fellas on a desperate journey back to her family's ranch. But who she is with her lovers and who her father needs her to be might just rip out her heart before any zombies can.

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Jasper Riley is a closed-off young man carrying a painful past and longing for the Sheriff of Misty Hollow. Rhett is buff, blond, and all-around the most decent man you could meet—and totally out of Jasper's league. No one would look at him the way he looks at the sheriff.
On a hot summer night with a thunderstorm rolling through, it's like the two see each other clearly for the first time.


Zachary Zamora knows that finding his soulmate will change his life forever. It'll be magical, wonderful, amazing, worth being the only one alone at 18. Unless his one and only happens to be the billionaire bad boy Royce Rothchild. So, all Zach has to do is convince the founder of the freelove movement that they're soulmates, while being a teenage superhero, in a world where capes and crime-fighting went outta style in the 80s. Yeah, he's got this. Easy as catching lightning in a bottle.

Aurum Gray

Serial Romance Author

Heya, I'm Aurum Gray, and welcome to my page!

I am so stoked to have you join my tiny slice of fandom, where stories come alive and ship-worthy moments await! Whether you're a devoted bookworm, a die-hard shipper, or a beta-reading babe, this is the perfect spot for you.

A bit about me before we get to the fictional characters you're here for--I'm an author who cut my writing teeth in the world of fanfic. To give you a hint, the original fic for a rather famous trilogy popped up on my dashboard, and inspired my name ;)

I can't wait to share my own original serial stories with you. I'm here because all the plots I love don't have near enough of that other four-letter p-word.

Can you write AUs of your original works...let's find out!

Happy shipping~

Aurum <3

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